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1st place @ Huy 2006

After a good performance at Dordtdive 2006 last week, this week in Huy was the next challenge in showing a constant performance curve. So the goals for this competition were the same as last week; 5:15 static and a 110m+ in dynamic with fins.

The static performance was pretty easy and felt quite good, although I couldn’t get my mind totally relaxed. As agreed with my coach Jorg, I got my taps at the times we discussed in training. I surfaced clean after 5 minutes and 16 seconds and I received the white card from the jury, meaning an approved performance.

In between the static and dynamic performance was about 2 hours resting time. My coach thought I had to start in 1st lane, but as we both saw somebody else sitting on the edge of the pool, we took my dynamic to the 2nd lane. The shallow part of the pool made my turning slightly difficult as I didn’t want to make the mistake of surfacing a fin or bodypart. Swimming towards the 125m and surfacing clean, waiting for the white card from my judge…and the performance is my new personal record!

As the competition was a Belgian Cup, us dutch couldn’t compete for the overall ranking price, but my position would have been first in overall ranking. I received a silver medal for my static performance and a gold medal for the dynamic performance.

Overall two good competitions with good performances made myself, my coach and my support pleased and curious about future performances as this is the benchmark we’re going to be working from…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″][/youtube]

3rd place @ Dordtdive 2006

Dordtdive being one of the leading events in the Netherlands, turned out to be successful for me. With the goals already set before the competition, I was on a mission to perform my set goals. I had to do a static of 5:15 and a dynamic of 110m or more. The performances on both disciplines exceeded the set goals, doing a static of 5:20 and a dynamic with fins of 120m.

With these performances I set new personal records in competition, previous bests were 5:13 and 109m in Heemstede last month. Not only did I set new personal records, it turned out to be enough to take 3rd place in the competition, successfully ending a good competition.

Next Sunday I will be at the competition in Huy, hoping to set the mark a little higher…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Upcoming competitions, June 2006

Performing in competitions is a reflection of the training and preparation in the preceding weeks. As the final week for Dordtdive competition is due and the Huy competition the week after that. Team Sharkbait focused on these 2 competitions for the past weeks as a benchmark for the future.

Dordtdive (NL), Sunday June 4th
Dordtdive is running since 2003 and has been a leading event in the Netherlands. Dordtdive 2006 is a competition in Static Apnea (STA) and Dynamic Apnea (DYN/DNF). It’s also an AIDA National with Guests competiton with AIDA Ranking Status.

Huy (BE), Sunday june 11th
The competition in Huy is also a returning event, but it’s the first time Sharkbait attends this competition. The pool competition in Huy is also in Static Apnea (STA) and Dynamic Apnea (DYN/DNF). The competition is an AIDA National with Guests competiton with AIDA Ranking Status.

I’ll update my story on both events after their completed, stay tuned…

Friday training Session

Our weekly Friday session dynamic without fins (DNF) is challenging me to the limits, both mentally and physically. For the past few weeks I had been training in a 20 meter pool and now when switching to a 50 meter pool is a bit of a mental game. Although in the 20m pool you make more turns, it’s mentally a different game then swimming a 50m pool.

The 50m pool offers a more continuous stroke-rhythm then the 20m pool, but also more time to start thinking. But switching these conditions is a good test for my mind. I have to focus on the thing I’m doing and not why !

check out the video from the Friday training session and see that my technique needs some attention. Later I will post a movie of my progress in technique. I get a lot of tips from my coach and I have to improve them. Improving can be time-consuming, but is very useful in the end.

Movie-clip: DNF Training session

Making the news available.

As a part of our old site we had a news section featuring stories about Team Sharkbait experiences, competitions, training and so on. With the new site we want to continue this successful news section! So after some programming and looking for a good solution, this is our news section for now.

The first 3 news items featured on this section will be shown on the Main-site with the news from Team Sharkbait.

Grand Opening Team Shark-Bait site

We welcome you all to our newly released Team Sharkbait site. For the past few weeks, the team site had been closed to the public, due to a re-styling process. The re-style was needed to streamline the traffic on and to our site in a better way. We released the site April 19th and we hope everybody is able to find his/her way easily though the site.

If you have any questions or remarks, please comment to this news-item, or mail me.

Dynamic competition Heemstede

As the competition season started with a static competition, Heemstede featured the dynamic competition on April 2nd. Same as the last competition start time was 20:00. Although the full team was complete, only Sanne could attend the competition, as Notis just came back from a flue and wasn’t feeling all that is needed for a competition. Coach Jorg, was a judge during the competition, but agreed with the committee that he could coach me during my attempt.

With the inspiring words from Jorg, I took my final breathe up and started the performance. Everything went according plans and I surfaced near 110m, but precise measurement came to 109m, good for a 2nd place in the dynamic competition. A great performance and a personal best was the result of some good preparation weeks.

Movie-clip: 109m Dynamic with fins

Static competition Heemstede

Sunday February 12th Team Sharkbait competed in a static competition in Heemstede. This was the opening competition of the season, which was primarily to set the marker for future events this year. About 14 competitors were present at a well organized event. Team Sharkbait participated in this competition with Notis Stefanis en Sanne Buurma.

Notis was first up and performed a steady 4:00 as season opener, but almost forgot the proper surface protocol. while he was surfacing I guided him though the protocol, which is allowed acc. the rules. At the end of the schedule I was up for my performance and with Peter Wurschy in the lane next to me I was ready for the challenge. I kind of misjudged the water temperature, which made me shiver during the last part of my performance. Surfacing at 4:30, 30 seconds before my announced time, left me with a penalty.

It was a good season opener and setting a first marker for the coming period.

TV-show performance: Wedden dat ..?!

As an ultimate challenge, team Sharkbait performed in a dutch television show called “Wedden dat..?!” This show is mainly about extreme performance challenges on which famous people can predict the outcome, when predicted wrong they have to do a forfeit.

The challenge team Sharkbait was put up against, was sitting in a car on the floor of a pool (-3,5 m) for 4 minutes. Within the 4 minutes a crew of divers, would snorkle to fill bags with air taken from the surface. The bags are attatched to a frame on which the car is mounted. If the divers make it within the 4 minutes to fill enough air into the bags and thus the car gets elevated to the surface the challenge is good. Any longer then 4 minutes and the challenge fails.

As the show-hostess made the introduction for the camera, me and Peter Wurschy (ATA) were waiting in the water for the challenge to start. She calls the famous words: And the challenge is stared (“Dan gaat de weddenschap nu in !”). Me and Peter make a nice dive to the car and get seated, the safety people close the door behind us and now all we had to do is wait. As the time flies by and the the bags are filled with air, the car gets enough elevation from the bags and starts its way to the surface. On the way to the surface the cars slightly rolls over, because the divers couldn’t equally fill up the bags. Just in time the divers corrected the problem and the car started to roll back in position. Now we only had to make it in time to resurface again… See the movie-clip to see the whole challenge.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Apnea attitude, Massy (France)

Just a few kilometers from Paris, Massy was the place where Apnea Attitude was organized on march 19th 2005. The competition featured Static and Dynamic disciplines, making it an all round attractive event. The pool-complex was quite crowded and the competition featuring a few top-athletes. Besides that Umberto Pelizzari and Pierre Frolla also visited the event.

With a pretty long drive to Massy, team Sharkbait arrived at the event. After all the standard check-in procedures, they scouted the area. The pool was in good condition and all had been arrangd for the freedivers. Jorg coached the team and took care of the filming and taking pictures during the event.

Performances in static were pretty ok, as both Notis and Sanne focused on their dynamic performance. Notis did a clean 4:00 and Sanne thought he did a clean 4:30, but officials rounded down the time to 4:29.

The dynamic discipline gave Notis not all the distance he had hoped for, but he still was satisfied with a 80m dynamic with fins. Last winter (2004) Sanne realized a personal record of 80m in Eindhoven, which he had promised to bring up-to 100m in the next event. So now he was up for the challenge making that 100m true. The 100m was performed, with the words “touch the wall” in the back of his mind, but apparently the heel of Sanne surfaced in the 2nd lap. So the performance was disqualified, never the less Sanne is very pleased with his personal record.

Concluding this event as reasonable if it comes to organisation, but if it comes to fun and performance it was good. The day was ended with a fun talk with Umberto during the ceremony, after that it was a long drive home again…