Grueling CO2 and dynamic turns

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It is always a good thing to train with other freedivers once and a while, which made me decide to visit the pool in Zeist again for a freediving training. I joined up with Eric van Riet Paap at 19:45 yesterday and we started out with a static session to be followed by a dynamic session later in the evening.

Eric had been making schedules for CO2 to go along his static times, as for today he wanted to do his “7,5 minute”-CO2 table. I agreed to try and do this schedule as well, just for the challenge of it, because it has been a while since a did a real good CO2 schedule. We started with a warm-up of empty lungs statics and I was very pleased with my results on that since this had been a while as well. Eric did nice empty lungs statics around 2m 10s and I was able to pull off a 1m 54s empty lung static.

In the meantime the other freedivers joined us, Rik Rösken, Danny Matherus, Erik Skoda and Rem. On to the schedule » First to go was Eric and he managed to do this grueling schedule without any bail outs or real problems. So respect for that! After that I was given the opportunity to give it a try. The first part went good and the first increase in time didn’t pose a problem. Then came the second increase in time and I just had too much trouble getting there in combination with an upcoming headache, that I decided that this schedule is for another time to finish. Just like Eric said, these things you have to build up to a level like this. None the less this was an awesome training and felt so good to be doing a proper CO2 training again.

After the schedule we both did a maximum static to see how the CO2 table influenced the contractions. Eric and I both did a respectable time without real problems, for 4m 31s for Eric and 4m 44s for myself.

For myself I had the goals I set in my last post, to reach 87,5 meters and see how easy that feels and always do a turn at 75m even if it’s just the turn. Eric had a similair kind of set up for his training, so we decided to take turns at our set distances. Eric first did a nice 100 meter with a turn and was very pleased with the overall feel, improvement points for himself were the turnpoints. After that I did a 87,5 meter dynamic and it actually felt like something to train with the coming period. We both went at it again and succeeded in doing that extra turn at the end. Pleased with the results I called it a day and went home and just made it there before midnight.

I like to thank Eric and his fellow freedivers for having me over, it was a great learning experience and good overall results to feel good about.

3 thoughts on “Grueling CO2 and dynamic turns”

  1. Hi Sanne,

    Thanks for coming over! Indeed always nice to freedive with different people. This session for me had a nice combination of feeling lazy (hence the 4:31) and working hard (the CO2 table). After static I could feel that my legs were tired (must have been the drywalks earlier that day with a single breath in between holds 🙁 ). Sometimes training with different people motivates me to do just a little more. This time it didn’t, but it is good to know that I could stick to a plan anyway even though I was more in a ‘lets have tea and chat’ mood.


  2. You don’t always have to push the limits, training can also be about maintaining a level. Which – In your case – is a very good level if you ask me! Good stuff.

  3. Hi Sanne,

    Always welcome to join us, to bad your training sessions doesn’t fit my agenda, otherwise it would be nice to come to the south. to bad you cannot go to Namur, hope to see you at another competition or freediving event this year, keep up the good works and enjoy!


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