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That was some proper training at the Tongelreep, Eindhoven last night. Both Jorg and I had been planning to continue the good training from the week before, so we were determined to get the alignment on the next level by getting some distance in.

Distance not in the maximum performance, but in just set distances and more repetitions. Jorg set his schedule to 37,5 meters and repeated this 4 times. I set my distance at 75 meters and repeated this 2 times. I think I should up the repetitions before upping the distance, but I am still to find the right distance to improve from. I’m thinking to up the set distance to 87,5 meters for several reasons:

  • I always have to make the turn
  • I surface at the side edge of the pool
  • Winning the mental game towards a wall

I have noticed that technique also improves my freediving time as follows: When I do the constant cycle of kicking, it will take about 17 seconds for 25 meters and when I do the kick-kick-kick-glide, it will take about 20-21 seconds for 25 meters. Later in the training I did the kick-kick-kick-glide again and now the technique was better because of a constant motion in the complete cycle, now the time was around 18-19 seconds for 25 meters. Same effort more speed… I have to focus on getting into the proper technique straight away for the motion cycle.

I’ve included the video from last training for Lubomir Stefanoff to see the progress on the alignment better.


Alright the goals for next training are set then ;). I’ll be doing 2 or 3 times a 87,5 meters dynamic with monofin and see if this can be a thing I get consistent in. Rest of the training will focus on technique runs and times 25 and 50 meter runs.

2 thoughts on “Repetitive training & technique”

  1. Sanne, thanks for posting the video (I feel really special now 🙂 )
    Do you count your kicks and have you set a specific goal (# of kick cycles per length)?
    In my training I started focusing on lowering the kick cycles (better technique, correct weighting and more awareness of the movement) and that makes a difference.

    P.S My Glidefin arrived but it’s the wrong blade and wrong stiffness (#3 out of 3 – way too stiff). Now I’m sending it back to the Ukraine for a replacement. Have to stick with the MD 1 for one more month…

  2. The video captures my try-out runs. At the moment I try to stick with cycles consisting of 3 kicks then a glide. On 25 meter lanes I do a total of 3 cycles, on 50 meters I still have to try this cycle out to find out how many I need but I aim for 6 total cycles.

    Also in the video I hold my arms alongside my body, I’m breaking up the motion for training purposes. So with a normal dynamic I would have my arms extended all of the time.

    As for lowering the kick-cycles, for me I found that upping the cycles created a better overall movement, because the amplitude was smaller and thus had a better motion. At this point in time – as the video also shows – I’m still a bit too high with the kick-cycle, but as technique gets better this will fade away and hopefully I’ll be able to do it in a relaxed rhythm.

    Too bad your fin had the wrong blade stiffness, because this new fin has already done a lot for my technique improvement. Hopefully you’ll be freediving with it soon!

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