Monofin: Horizontal alignment correct both ways now

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So it seems from the training last night that my horizontal alignment is getting somewhere. The past few weeks we have been training a lot with the monofin, just to get the proper movement. The hardest part was figuring out what amplitude to go by and how that feels opposed to what you have been doing for a while now.

But last night during training I was just doing my thing based on the outcome of previous weeks of monofin training and was glad to hear Jorg tell me he was amazed what he was observing. One of the best things to bring at a training is the video equipment, which made the video from the horizontal alignment instantly available to me. Now I’m able to connect the feeling I had during the 75m performance to the way it looks, which in my case is very valuable.

After the successful monofin laps, it was time to focus on the turn points as I still don’t feel all to comfortable about the energy I put into the turn right now. What seems to be happening is that while touching the wall at a certain point the push off from my feet is considerably higher on the wall than the initial touch down. This is due to the somewhat larger monofin that I have to swing around, but it was a thing we could get rid of when using bi-fins as well. So we put some effort in the turns and after about 8 times there were 2 turns that showed potential.

So currently I’m going to stick with the following turn technique when using a monofin:

  • When I see the T stripe I’ll glide towards the wall
  • I roll over on my right side
  • touch the wall with my right hand and compress legs inwards
  • While compressing I use my grip of the right hand still on the wall to prepare for swinging the monofin around
  • Swing the monofin around at about the same location as my hand placement
  • Decompress by starting to stretch out the arms
  • Fully decompress by the push off with both feet equally

This felt like the best motion for me to stick with. Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

One thought on “Monofin: Horizontal alignment correct both ways now”

  1. Indeed, your alignment seems superb. I’ll be glad to see the video 🙂
    Now I use a MD 1 monofin (old school model from the late 80s) and leg alignment is a big issue, because of the lack of angle. Hopefully my Glidefin is coming soon…
    Regarding kick cycles – which technique do you use with the new fin (kick-glide, kick-kick-glide, etc)?

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