Looking back at 2008

Happy New year to all loyal readers and visitors!

This year had it’s up and downs and showed me a new side of my way of the freediving.

I started out with the coupe des dauphins, I did solid performances on the dynamics (DYN & DNF), but had my troubles with the static. Overall it left me with a good feeling, new friends and tips & tricks.

After that I went into training with the monofin and getting into the technique of this new way of finning. My technique did improve, but isn’t by far what I want it to be. I put down the monofin for now, but will surely get into freediving with it again this year.

I switched my focus to preparing for my first ever depth competition at the Bizzy Blue Hole competition in Dahab (EGYPT), which was a really great experience.

Although I never improved my depth performances since the Umberto course I was very confident on improving my depth skills and performances. I’m very pleased with the results I booked and I can only say that I learned a whole lot about depth freediving and got to know new people and found new friends in them.

After my depth experience, I had subscribed to the CNF course with William Trubridge with the great guys from Apnea Team Amsterdam. William truely has a lot experience in this part of freediving. It has been very helpful and I gained a lot by attending his course.

The last part of the year really came down to my mental ability, or the lack of it, to find my true self in what my goal is with freediving. I realized that it’s best for me to take a step back from competition freediving. I am to find my true purpose in freediving again: having fun and enjoying the freediving again, no personal bests for a while and back to the basics.

2009 – This year
Last year I’ve changed  the back-end of the site and had to change the theme/template for the website to show all new widgets. In 2009 I hope to find some more time to fine tune the template integration again.

Futhermore I hope to enlighten you, the readers and visitors, with more blogging and in depth articles about our journey into freediving. This year for me personally will focus more on the coaching, re-finding my drive and I hope to direct & mount a few more freediving movies.

Since we started blogging, we’ve written 114 posts (incl. this one) and had 95 comments. In 2008 we wrote 55 posts and had 40 comments.

Site Usage this year:

  • 5,544 Visits
  • 3,839 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 14,345 Pageviews
  • 2.59 Average Pageviews

In comparison to last year we had a little decrease of visits, but an increase in absolute unique visitors, which indicates a wider range of readers. And the drop in visits is due to increase in RSS-feed subscribers, so these results have to be combined with the loyal readers who stay updated through the RSS feeds. We had an increase from 20 readers to 30 readers this year, which is good news.

Search Terms
Among the direct search terms, like Team Sharkbait, Sanne Buurma and Jorg Jansen, other search terms found their way to our site as well:

  • monofin technique
  • how to hold your breath longer
  • pool cardio
  • speedo breast stroke fins
  • freediving tongelreep

Thank you for reading the blog and our stories. Also a big extra thank you to the commentors, I really like the feedback and it lets me know people are around to read the content. So don’t be shy and drop a comment on what you think about all that we write.

One thought on “Looking back at 2008”

  1. Dear Sanne,

    Thank you for your reports and articles in 2008.
    Lots of fun with your sports in 2009!


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